Huge thanks to all who supported our fundraising efforts to purchse the Dolphin Semi-Automatic timing system - the campaign has been a success and the system has now been purchased.

The next thing we would like to add to our list of competition equipment is backstroke start ledges - you may have seen these in use at Trafford, Wigan, Stockport, Manchester, Counties, Regionals and Nationals.  Backstroke ledges help the swimmer achieve the best start they can for a backstroke event but, unfortunately, as we do not have them at Altrincham we find that swimmers, particularly the younger or less experienced, choose not to use them at galas as they have no experience of them - giving other swimmers the advantage.  We want to give our swimmers the best opportunities and therefore want to invest in these ledges so swimmers can experience them in their home pool and be confident to use them in competition.

Although there are cheaper backstroke ledges on the market, the backstroke ledges we are looking to purchase have been recommended to us from two sources so we have re-set the thermometer to our target figure of £2,094.

We have had 21 swimmers qualifying for the County Championships this year, up from 11 on 2018, with 2 Cheshire County records being set by Altrincham Swimmers; a record number of swimmers qualifying for Regionals - 2 of which are now Regional Champions; a British finalist; 8 English National Finalists and a National Champion.

The Club was the most improved club in Cheshire at the County Championships and has won the North West Region Club of the Year 2019 award.

We are wanting to build on these significant achievements this year.  None of this could be achieved without the tireless support of our Coaches and our swimming families and, as a non-profit organisation, we are completely reliant on fundraising to facilitate capital purchases, such as the new blocks, to improve our children’s swimming experience and support them in reaching their full potential and personal goals in competitive swimming, by achieving times that can be submitted to external galas within the comfort of their own swimming environment.

So, again, we are appealing for your support in fundraising – whether it be by hosting an event (coffee morning etc), doing a sponsored “something”, or just a simple donation.  We have 165 Club members, so just a little support from the majority will help move us closer to our target. 

We understand this is big ask but If you feel you are able to help, and maybe even have a little fun in the process, it would be greatly appreciated.

If you plan an event/sponsored event, please let us know and take photos for our website – your pictures/stories will appear on this page!

An easy way to fundraise for the Club is via the Easy Fundraising online service. Shopping doesn’t cost you a penny more, but as you make purchases online shops make a donation to the club. All you do is register (it’s good to click the “Find & Remind” button) and start shopping. Please give it a go and encourage others to do so too – it’s effectively free money to benefit the members of our club! Thank you.

Please register by clicking the link below:

Start Shopping

Click ME to start shopping!

Fundraising Thanks

Keep checking back here for our messages of thanks to those of you that are helping us to reach our fundraising goal!.

Last updated 16 October 2019

News ItemDetails
Pre-Loved Sale Thank you to Lana M and Wendy H for organising the pre-loved sale just before Pointscore 5 - you've kick-started our campaign.
GOAL ACHIEVED Well done to everyone involved in fundraising for the Dolphin semi-automatic timing - this has now been purchased!  We are now looking to fundraise for backstroke ledges.
Laptop Huge thank you to Dan H for the donation of a Laptop to run our galas on.
Easy Fundraising Just received notice of £20 raised for doing nothing!!  That's right, just by doing online purchases through the "Easy Fundraising" link (at no extra cost to you), we've boosted our funds by £20.  Keep using the link!
Total Sponsorship Over £900 raised in total follwoing our Sponsored Triathlon - well done, and huge thanks, to you all!
Sponsorship Another "top fundraiser" mention for Caiden & Brogan H who also raised over £250!  
Sponsorship Well done to Evie N for achieving more than £250 in sponsorship for the Fun Triathlon - Amazing!
Donation Thanks go to Nicola R for a generous donation to the fund, most gratefully received.
Second Hand Kit Sale Quite a few bargains were to be had at our second hand kit sale, again boosting the fund.  Another second hand kit sale is planned for the future.
Hanover Insolvency After holding a "dress down" day at work, Suzanne G made a significant contribution to the donations - well done Suzanne

Old Starting Block

Thanks to Emily I for her donation in return for one of the old starting blocks - an interesting addition to her bedroom!

Pre-Loved Kit Sale

Big thanks to Lana and Wendy in organising the pre-loved kit sale on the 13th October, and to all those that donated, both kit and money!  You've got our campaign underway by raising the first £26.10.

Fundraising Thermometer

£ 2094.00
donation thermometer
donation thermometer
£ 26.10
donation thermometer

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The object of the Pointscore competition is for swimmers to compete against their own times on a regular basis under competition conditions. This will allow them to challenge for places in teams and prepare them for competition. They will be gaining experience of racing. Points are scored for any improvements gained and are aggregated for the purpose of making periodic and annual awards. The competition is open to all members of the club.

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