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Queuing System at Sale Leisure Centre Please find here a diagram that Trafford Met have sent onto us that shows the car park at Sale Leisure centre, opposite B&M.  It shows the allocated place for ASC swimmers to queue before each session.  You should note that part of the car park will be out of use for cars, to make space for swimmers queing.

We also remind you again that if you use any car park at Sale Leisure Centre, you should aim to be out of the car park within around 5 minutes and if you are there for 10 minutes or longer, you will receive a fine in the post (we understand that this is around £100).

One other point - During December, whilst we are training at Sale, the squads are not split into A and B.  The pool at Sale is bigger than Altrincham, so there is no need to split the groups as the whole of each squad will fit in the pool at once.  So if your swimmer is usually in Squad 3a, for example, this month they would just be Squad 3.
Back In the Pool!
Hopefully we now have a plan to get back to training from tomorrow, Thursday 3rd December.  The hope is that we’ll be training up to and including Wednesday 23rd December, so we’ll get three full weeks in before Christmas.  There will also hopefully be a few sessions for some groups between Christmas and New Year too, but we’ll need to wait to co-ordinate these with Trafford Met as they have to be there to open / lock the building.
With regards to the logistics of Sale Leisure Centre, there is only one door that we’re able to use.  This door will have the alarm disabled when it’s opened.  All other doors are alarmed and we are unable to disable these.  The entry and exit is via the door in the Sale Leisure Centre car park opposite B&M – against the far wall of the leisure centre.  It isn’t ideal as it’s quite dark there, but we’ll have our Covid Liaison volunteers there to supervise and direct the swimmers.
An important point to remember is that Sale Leisure Centre has a Parking Eye and anyone parking there for more than 10 minutes will get an automatic fine in the post (and I believe it’s a hefty one!).  The only way to park for longer than 10 minutes is to enter your car’s registration number on the machine that will be located on poolside.  As no adults, other than coaches and Covid Liaison volunteers are allowed in, it isn’t possible for anyone else to park there for longer than 10 minutes without getting the fine.  The Parking Eye is operated and controlled by an independent entity, so there is no way to override it.
Another important point is that the door to the leisure centre automatically locks when it’s closed after the session starts and it’s very difficult to then get the attention of someone inside the building to open it.  It is therefore imperative that you drop you swimmer off before the session starts.  Please always ensure that you see that your swimmer is either in the queue or inside the building before you drive away.
The timetable is here (and can also be found under "session times" on the "Swimming" page of the website) and all squads remain the same – this is slightly different to the timetable posted on Facebook, so please refer to this one.  Please bear in mind that the session times will not be preferable for all, but we are sharing the pool with two other clubs, so co-ordinating the times for all clubs was extremely difficult.  On the plus side, all squads have more training time than they did pre lockdown II, so we’re hoping that this will make up for potentially inconvenient timings.  However, please bear in mind that this is only for December and whilst we’ll do all we can to improve our pool time when we’re back at Altrincham, this can’t be guaranteed in the short term. 
You may notice that some sessions have a gap in between them and some don’t.  We’ve tried to build a gap into sessions wherever possible, but for some sessions, where there were time clashes with other clubs, these had to be removed.  The session end times indicate the time that swimmers need to be out of the building, so where there isn’t a gap in between sessions, it’ll mean that swimmers will need to be out of the pool 10 minutes before the end in order to be out of the building on time, but the coaches will manage this.
We will of course still need our Covid Liaison volunteers and a separate email has gone out asking for your help with this.  Now, more than ever, with swimmers going to an unfamiliar pool, there’s even more necessity for adult supervision and we would be grateful if you could respond to the plea for help as soon as you can please.  We don’t have much time before sessions are starting and the organisation of it is complicated, so it would help greatly if we know we have volunteers for each session.
Your weekly Go Cardless direct debit will be reactivated for this month for the next three weeks.  This will be at the same cost as it was in October.  We are not being charged more for the extra pool time, so we’re not asking you to pay more, but bear in mind that if we return to our October training times in January at Altrincham, the cost to you will remain the same.
The same system will apply for swimmers – they should arrive ‘beach ready’ and leave straight after the session, just putting something on over their swimwear.  There will be no access to changing rooms, but there will be a toilet that can be used if necessary.  Swimmers should also bring their kit bag and a drink.
Please can you speak to your swimmers about behaviour.  In addition to the fact that they are representing the club, in some sessions there will be a lot more swimmers there.  There are 2 x 25m pools at Sale and for some sessions both will be in use by different clubs.  We will be using the pools alternately with the other clubs, so the Covid Liaison will let your swimmer know where they should be if they’re not sure.  The attached timetable also shows which pool the session takes place in.  It’s important the swimmers behave and maintain distancing wherever possible.  The swimmers had the procedure running wonderfully at Altrincham.  We’ll be in a different pool, but the same rules apply.
I think that covers everything for the moment, but please let us know This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions.
We hope your swimmers are looking forward to returning to the pool from tomorrow.
Land Training Dates This week's Zoom land training sessions are:

Wednesday 2nd December at 5.15 - 6.15pm

Saturday 5th December at 10-11am

Remember that each land training session counts as 2km in the Race to the North Pole challenge.
Second Lockdown - Training fees Just to confirm that scheduled Go Cardless direct debit training fee payments have been paused and will be re-started when training resumes.

If you have any queries, please email our treasurer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Lockdown Challenge and Zoom Meeting As we mentioned the other day, Kate has set another Lockdown Challenge and this one is called Race to the North Pole.
Any swimmers who would like to take part in this will need to join the Facebook group (or ask their parents to), where distances can be logged.  More information and rules regarding the challenge can also be found there.
The challenge is for the swimmers only this time and despite the change of season since the last one, we’re very much hoping that swimmers will get involved and keep moving during the next few weeks – and of course, log their kilometres!
In addition to this, swimmers in the development groups have asked Kate if she will resume her Development Zoom sessions during lockdown, which she’s happy to do.  All swimmers are welcome to this, but it will be aimed more for Squads 3, 4 and 5.  Meeting details have been emailed out.
Self-Isolation Reporting If your swimmer needs to self-isolate, please let us know by completing our online form here.  This will ensure that the Coaches are aware which training sessions you cannot attend.
Kit Shop As we no longer have the facility for selling kit, if you're looking for any kit, please see the shop on our website, where the remaining stock is being sold. 
Judge 1 Qualification Please see the email sent out previously (copy here) regarding becoming a Level 1 Judge.  It would help greatly if you can get involved in this.  Remember - swimming is for life, not just for Christmas! - so if you're likely to be spending the next few years watching your child compete at galas, why not consider becoming an official.  If you're interested in getting qualified, please email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Lost Property Please remember that we have a Lost Property section on the website.  There have been a few things added to this recently, so, if your swimmer has lost anything during training sessions, please check this on our website or here.  
Volunteering Opportunities As always, we have several opportunities for you to get involved with the Club.  Full details of vacant volunteer roles within the Club is on the website.  
Medical Records Can you please ensure that any updates to Medical Records for swimmers are communicated to our Membership Secretary.
Fundraising by Shopping Please consider raising funds for our club via the Easy Fundraising online service. Shopping doesn't cost you a penny more, but as you make purchases online shops make a donation to the club. All you do is register (it's good to click the "Find & Remind" button) and start shopping. Please give it a go and encourage others to do so too – it's effectively free money to benefit the members of our club! Thank you.  More information is on the website, or via the link 
Free Swimming A reminder that as a member of Altrincham Swimming Club, swimmers are entitled to free swimming at Altrincham Leisure Centre. You will need to complete a form which needs to be signed by your coach. If you need a form please let our Club Secretary know at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Calendar For all the galas and events coming up, please click here
Club Contact For any queries or questions, please email us here

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Self-Isolation Reporting


If your swimmer needs to self-isolate, please let us know by completing our online form here.

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