Club Trophy Awards

2021 captains
Club Captains 2021 - Arthur F and Emily I
 Chloe Waddell Cup Winners
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Club Captains 2018
Chloe Waddell Cup Winners

The Chloe Waddell Cup is presented to the highest-achieving swimmer of the year; the following section showcases the past and present Chloe Waddell Cup winners...



Max O, 2020 Winner

INN 6129

James P, 2019 Winner


Ashey D, 2018 Winner

Ashley Donaldson 2016 Winner

Ashley D, 2016 Winner

Emily Robinson 2015 Winner

Emily R, 2015 Winner

Alice Clegg 2014/15 Winner

Alice C, 2014 Winner


Pointscore Winners

The following section showcases the past and present Pointscore winners...
    INN 6130  Matthew W
Wendy D and Matthew W, 2019 Pointscore Winners
Rebecca L and Matthew Ho, 2018 Pointscore Winners shilouette Ashley and Katie 2 AdamLaura
Rebecca L and Matthew Ho, 2018 Winners Erin M and Ashley D 2017 Winners Katie H and Ashley D 2016 Winners Adam K and Laura H 2015 Winners



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Self-Isolation Reporting


If your swimmer needs to self-isolate, please let us know by completing our online form here.

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The object of the Pointscore competition is for swimmers to compete against their own times on a regular basis under competition conditions. This will allow them to challenge for places in teams and prepare them for competition. They will be gaining experience of racing. Points are scored for any improvements gained and are aggregated for the purpose of making periodic and annual awards. The competition is open to all members of the club.

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